Clouding on a properly calibrated LCD-LED display on a pure black image.

Clouding when it comes to screen uniformity appears as cloud-like white patches of light or luminance on the screen and is most visible on dark pictures. It is said to occur as a result of pressure around or within the actual panel itself thereby crushing the liquid crystals. This results in light seeping through edges to the center of the screen creating cloud-like patches. Clouding makes dark scenes unenjoyable and while a basic level of clouding is tolerated within in LCD-LED TV community the general rule is to get it replaced if it is high enough to actually hinder watching dark pictures. This issue can occur during storage or by mishandeling the panel even after it leaves the factory.

Possible WorkaroundsEdit

At toleratable levels of clouding, one can simply reduce the backlighting and brightness to hide the issue. In serious cases though, replacement is the only viable option. Its also said that rubbing the screen with mild pressure in a circular motion (using a soft fabric) may reduce the clouding effect. However, you may just end up crushing more liquid crystals by accident and worsen the effect, so we don't really reccomend you do this.

Reccomended SolutionsEdit

  • Replacement by Dealer/Retailer. (Highly Reccomended)
  • Replacement by Company. (Caution: Possibility of Recieving Refurbished Models)
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